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Fresh pastries. Scrumptious sandwiches. Parisian ambiance. Delifrance is a French-themed gastronomic experience, and you're invited.

Rating: 3.94

5 Alexander Place, Colombo 00700  |  +94112676860

Save 1,700 LKR

Get a Panini roast chicken, cheese sandwich and a Iced latte for LKR 1400/-

Save 1,000 LKR

Get 20% off on your total bill

Save 750 LKR

Buy One Tiramisu cake slice, Get One Free!

    Delifrance - Odel

    5 Alexander Place, Colombo 00700  |  +94112676860

    Delifrance - OGF

    The Mall at One, Colombo - Galle Main Rd, Colombo  |  +94112676860

    Delifrance - Havelock

    215 A4 Colombo, Colombo 00600  |  +94112676860

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