Terms & Conditions

Here are some important things Turaballys requires you to agree to and bear in mind, to ensure proper use and enjoyment of the Slash App and your plan.

Use, limitations, and discretion

  • The use of the plans made available through the Slash App shall be subject to restrictions of fair use, in the interest of fairness to all parties, including the community of Slash App Users. The final decision as to what constitutes fair use will be made by each Vendor having regard to all factors pertaining to the nature of their business and services.
  • It should be understood that the availability of Vendors on the plan may change from time to time and some Vendors may cease to be part of the plan and may not be available throughout the course of your plan’s period.
  • A coupon obtained by a single registered User as logged in under his relevant mobile number may be utilized at one given time (in accordance with the requirement of fair use as determined by the relevant Vendor), but with the restriction of it being limited to one Invoice/bill. The decision of the Vendor in the event of any difference of opinion between a User and a Vendor as to what constitutes one invoice/bill in a given context shall be final. The position may differ in respect of usage of coupons in hotels/regarding service providers depending on the Vendor. It should be borne in mind that more than one coupon may not be utilized by more than one User if, in the opinion of the Vendor, the Users constitute part of one group in a given context. Therefore, you should take due care to ascertain the position of a relevant Vendor directly from the Vendor in a manner that spares you any inconvenience, embarrassment, or difficulty.
  • In the case of restaurants/cafes etc., each coupon may be applied only in respect of dine-in expenditure. Coupons are not usable for delivery/takeaway orders.
  • Users are responsible for making pre-bookings and availability confirmations directly with the Vendor(s) to be able to utilize a coupon on a particular day or during a particular time slot. This will help you avoid disappointments and delays.
  • Turaballys is not responsible for Vendor closures, failures or non-availability due to any reasons, whether on grounds of maintenance, public health, government curfews or lockdowns, private event reservations, or otherwise.
  • Some coupons have specific terms and conditions set out by the Vendors which will be mentioned on the slashing screen of each coupon.
  • Validity period/expiry of individual coupons are listed on each respective coupon.
  • Each User is entitled to the relevant coupons according to the plan purchased at the time s/he registers and keeping in mind the validity/expiry of coupons which is mentioned.
  • Special deals may be added to your plan from time to time which may be limited to a certain time period only. These would be an added bonus that may not be part of your plan when you purchase and register for it via the Slash App.
  • Similarly, there is a possibility that from time to time, new Vendors/coupons may be offered within the duration for which the plan is purchased. This shall be an additional bonus and will be offered if/when possible only.
  • The validity of your plan is as mentioned at the time of purchase.
  • If you wish, you may repurchase plans for a maximum of twice (02 times) within a year from the date of registration as a User. This restriction on the number of new plans that may be purchased shall apply in respect of each following one-year period when you continue to purchase plans beyond the initial first year of registering as a User.
  • The general rule for coupons under the Slash App involving ‘buy one and get another’, is that the User should always pay for an item of a certain   value, and receive through the Slash App coupon, an additional item of equivalent or lesser value for free.
  • Coupons will have to be presented to the relevant Vendor for redemption by producing the device (on which the Slash App is installed) to the Vendor. In addition, some Vendors may at their sole-discretion allow for other means of accepting proof of a coupon for redemption.
  • Each coupon can be used only once within the User’s plan validity period.
  • A Vendor has the right to check the authenticity of the Slash App and its registered user, for which you are required to cooperate with the Vendor to enable same as required. If a Vendor is rendered unable to confirm authenticity for any reason or you fail to cooperate with the Vendor for authentication, you may not be able to redeem your coupon on that occasion. Therefore you are advised to have the fact of acceptance of the coupon and all relevant details pertaining to the benefits and limits of its utilization confirmed on each occasion in a timely manner, to avoid any inconvenience, difficulty or embarrassment to yourself and/or others with you.
  • Screenshots or forwarded coupons are not eligible to be accepted under the plan. There can be no transferring or forwarding of one User’s coupon to another at any given time under any circumstances, be they by way of screenshots or any other mode.
  • Bear in mind that when Users upgrade/downgrade/re-purchase plans, all existing available unused coupons will not be carried forward to the next purchased plan.
  • Users shall not be able to transfer or seek refunds for any purchased plans under any circumstances. 
  • Only one device can be registered or used by any one User.
  • User details will not submitted to the Vendor except with the User’s permission and such information shall be limited to use for service reviews upon redemption of a coupon.
  • Turaballys (Partnership) has the right to suspend/bar/deactivate any User reasonably suspected or found to be gaming or misusing the coupons of a plan or trying to override the system of the Slash App or attempting to discredit or harm Slash/Turaballys interests in any manner that is deemed wrongful, unethical or unreasonable by the Turaballys management.
  • A coupon will be ineligible for use in conjunction with any other offers or deals/discounts of the Vendor and may not be utilized in respect of any special events held by a Vendor.

Accuracy of information

  • The savings displayed on the App are always approximate and not exact.
  • Amounts mentioned as redemption values on the coupon are subject to change without any prior notice.
  • Amounts to be utilized for redemption mentioned in plans are also subject to change without prior notice.
  • Menus and Vendor information (including prices) provided via the Slash App are for easy reference only. They not be updated as and when the Vendor revises any prices etc. It is understood therefore that menu items and prices indicated on the Slash App may not always be accurate and up to-date. Users are advised to confirm with the Vendor directly in a timely manner to avoid any inconvenience, difficulty or disappointment.


  • Turaballys will bear no responsibility and will not be liable for the quantity/quality/services offered by any Vendor(s) through the Slash App. Turaballys makes available the coupon that is offered by the Vendor(s) to Slash App Users. The User shall keep Turaballys indemnified in respect of any issues that may arise in respect of quantity/quality/service or other troubleshooting problems that may arise with any Vendor. Any such disputes/disagreements need to be resolved by the User directly with the Vendor. Turaballys cannot act as mediator or arbiter in any such instance.
  • Turaballys shall not in any way or capacity be liable for any emotional distress, lost opportunity cost, embarrassment, loss, damages etc. arising from or connected to the use of any coupons or unsatisfactory Vendor experience.
  • All monetary transactions apart from payment for the purchase of your User plan on the Slash App are between you and the Vendor. Until and unless notified to you otherwise by Turaballys in writing, Turaballys does not conduct or handle any money transactions with Vendors.
  • Turaballys will make its best efforts to get all Vendors on the Slash App to meaningfully and fairly honour the coupons granted by such Vendors. However, there may be instances in which a Vendor might be removed or exit from the App for some reason. In such instances no obligation will arise for Turaballys to grant any substitute or additional options/offers to Users.
  • Turaballys shall not be liable for the safety and health standards required to be maintained by the Vendors. These are the sole responsibility of each Vendor, both in terms of necessary precautions, safeguards and advice. Turaballys shall not be liable for any risk materializing or damage occurring on account of failures or negligence on the part of any Vendor and/or User in that regard.
  • The decision as to whether a User’s use of any Slash coupons falls within the scope of fair use and any decision taken to disallow/disbar a User on the basis of fair use shall be free of any liability on the part of the Turaballys. 
  • Turaballys shall not be liable for any damages asserted on any ground arising on account of any down-time, inaccessibility or crash of the Slash App, should any such occur.
  • In any event, the maximum liability of Turaballys towards any given User in relation to any matter pertaining to the use of the plan or the Slash App will under no circumstances exceed the maximum of the purchase price paid for the User plan purchased via the Slash App.

Communications/User Contact Information

  • It is understood that when you purchase a plan on the Slash App, Turaballys shall have the right to forward you promotional emails/SMS/WhatsApp messages, etc. utilizing your user information to ensure a better experience by sharing of relevant information. By purchasing a plan, you will have consented to the same.
  • If there is any change in your User contact information, you are required to inform Turaballys promptly and without delay.